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Welcome to GSRdrabbles.

This is a fan fiction site dedicated to expanding our abilities as writers by challenging us to write something based on a weekly prompt. Our primary format is the 100 word drabble, but any length is accepted.

Have fun and please play nice.

The Rules

  1. Please use a header on all posts that indicates title, author, rating, spoilers, format and pairing.  All stories must include a disclaimer.  (For example:  I do not own CSI.  No profit was made from this story.)
  2. Any length of story is acceptable.  Stories should be based on the weekly prompt.  You may find past prompts by searching for the tag “prompt.”
  3. Place all drabbles or stories behind a cut.
  4. Tags.  Please tag your story with your livejournal handle and the prompt number.  (Format is “Prompt One”)
  5. Cross posting is acceptable; however, we ask that you post to gsrdrabbles first, then to additional communities or your own journal.  Please credit the prompt to gsrdrabbles.
  6. Ideas?  Suggestions?  Let us know. Email us at gsrdrabbles at gmail dot com.


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